Let’s meet!

My name is Jovana and I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist in supervision. This probably means nothing to you, and I understand. What matters is – how can I help you?

What can you expect?

The kind of therapy that I practice is what we call “deep” therapy. It means that I help you dig deep into yourself and find true motivation and reason why you behave the way you do. I’m not here to give you a solution to your acute problem. I’m here to help you find the reason why it is happening. If I were to solve it, it would happen again and you’d need help to solve it again and again. If we find the reason, we can work on it and in the end, that problem will never come back again. OK, never say never, but it will occur a lot less. It’s because you’ll learn how to deal with it yourself. It’s like you have a fever. It’s a symptom. You can take a medicine to get the temperature down but it will come back again in a few hours if you don’t find the reason that causes it. You heal the cause and the fever won’t come back. The causes can be so different and so many. So, I’m here to help you find the cause and deal with it the right way.

Have you ever asked yourself:

– Why is this happening to me over and over again?!

– Am I a magnet for idiots?

– Why do I keep getting fired?

– Am I crazy?

– Why am I alone?

– Why does nobody understand me?

If you have, then I can help you find the answer.

You need to know that it’s a process. The solution won’t come overnight. But when it does, it lasts forever.

The Blue Room Story

I invite you to hear my story cause I deeply believe that it’s the best way to see and decide if I’m the right choice for you.

My teenage years were the hardest but also the happiest time of my life. Sounds a bit like bullshit but it’s how I see it from this point of view. I vividly remember how I felt. Good and bad. Everything. The bad times were so bad that I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 15. I remember clearly that there was no one around me that understood it. My family, teachers, friends, partners. No one. Some of them were telling me they understood me but they didn’t. Then I found my therapist. That kind of understanding was half the “cure”. The fact that someone really listens to what you have to say and doesn’t judge you is amazing. It was lifesaving. It’s such a relief when you have someone that won’t be scared and leave you whatever you do or say.
Throughout the therapy, I finally understood myself. I finally met myself. It wasn’t easy, I have to be honest. And as I already said, it’s a long process that lasted a few years in my case. But it was totally worth it.

“Blue is the warmest color!”

One of the first things that I did for myself for the first time was painting my room the way I wanted. I painted it in two shades of blue. Dark and light. My parents were not happy about it LOL. But I never felt better. My room finally became my place. My safe place. It was the place where I felt at peace, secure and completely happy even when I’m alone. The place where I was 100% myself with all my ups and downs. It’s interesting that every friend or partner that ever came to my room felt the same. Years later I realized it’s not about the room or the color. It’s that feeling. In my room, all of them were also 100% themselves. They felt the same as I did when I was with my therapist. Freedom to be themselves without a fear of rejection.

That’s how I decided to call my practice a Blue Room. The name is a symbol for a safe place and it’s anywhere you feel that way.

Giving the fact that I can’t be at two places at once LOL, especially not at two places in different parts of the world, I got an idea how to deal with that. You can easily take me to your Blue Room if I “live” in your phone.

It’s by default that a therapist office should be a safe place for the client. But I wanted to go a step further. With me, your safe place can be anywhere and everywhere, not just my office. I think this gives a kind of freedom that can be very helpful in the therapy process.

Is this the right therapy for you?

There’s a lot of controversy around chat therapy. The fact that we can’t see and hear each other is both good and bad. It’s bad because there’s a lot that’s said by body language and the way of speaking that can be missed in chat. Feelings are a bit hard to read if you don’t use emoticons properly. Some say all of it makes this kind of therapy inhuman and contradictory to the origin of therapy. I partially agree on that but on the other hand, there’s a new kind of freedom and lack of fear and shame to share something that bothers you. It’s easier because it’s like you are telling it to your “worry doll”. Not a real person. It can speed up the therapy process in a way.

Bottom line – it’s not for everyone. You should find what makes you feel most comfortable. If it’s in person, video call or chat. If you think this is the right way for you, come and find me in Blue Room.

Jovana Dinić

OLI Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapist in supervision